About Us

Nothing I have written in this journal is intended to offend or embarrass anyone.
If anyone is offended by anything I have written then I apologise.

We are five grandmothers Heather (author), Jenny, Val, Di and Celia, who all enjoy walking and have teamed up to do the coast to coast walk in June 2008.

Our average age is 63.

Jenny and Val have done numerous walks for charity in the past and Heather joined them on a charity walk in Nepal in 2005.

They have all walked in Snowden, Cumbria and Yorkshire for recreational purposes.

Di is an avid golfer and is out on the links at least twice a week, plus she joins all the training walks.

Celia is the only one of us who is still working and joins the training sessions as much as she can. However, Celia has done a great deal of walking in Yorkshire and other wonderful places in the UK.

Initially we were just going to do the walk as a challenge and then people started asking if they could sponsor us, which is something that we had not thought about. We have therefore decided that we would sponsor the following:


Twin teenage boys with cerebral palsy who need new wheelchairs,

The National Society for Phenylketonuria (nspku), and

Campaign to Save our Rural Roads (SORR).


To prepare for this challenge we have put together a training plan that fits in with our busy routines. One of our biggest challenges was to find out how fit we all are, and then how fit our gear is.

The weather during the last few months (winter) has helped us test both. One day we walked in pouring rain, and forgot to put the covers over our rucksacks.... oops everything was dripping wet.

Well this is what training is about...... finding out!!!